Axel Mendez


Axel was a member of the first ever graduating class of BVSA Rhinos (Guatemala) in 2011.  He won the "Key Player" award that year, meaning he was the most valuable player on the team.  While Axel didn't lead the team in scoring, he was certainly the most important player on the field.  Bringing leadership and stability, with Axel on the field, the team was always confident it could win.


More important than his soccer skills, Axel demonstrated a level of integrity that we found extremely unique.  So much so that we decided to hire him full-time.  When the opportunity to plant BVSA Honduras came along in 2014, Axel committed to leave his native Guatemala and become a missionary to Honduras - making him the first ever missionary from his village of Buena Vista!


Axel plays a critical in the new Academy as we seek to help raise up a new generation of leaders in the village of Travesia! 

How to Support Axel and/or BVSA Honduras


Academy Support:  The Academy in Buena Vista, Honduras has its own monthly operational budget.  This amount covers feeding all 36 boys and workers every day (over 800 meals per month!), paying support staff, and all bills and operating costs for the academy and classroom, tournament entry fees, and uniforms and soccer equipment.  


If you would like to help support BVSA Honduras, please CLICK HERE in order to make a donation directly to BVSA.