The purpose of devotionals is to help the boys apply the biblical teachings into their day to day life. It is our goal to create a safe place for the missionaries try to dig a little deeper with the boys as a group.

The daily devotion time covers a wide range of topics throughout the year.  We teach basics such as Who is God, What is the Bible, summaries of the Old and New Testaments, the life of Jesus, the difference between God, Son, and Holy Spirit, the church, friendship, sin, salvation, integrity, faith in action, swimming against the current, how to handle test and trials, and much more.

Although their is a guideline for curriculum, it is common for the the devotionals to take their own turn depending on the need of the boys and the challenges they may be facing in the community or family. 


Current Devotional Theme

Parables of Jesus

  We are very excited to start the study of the parables of Jesus. In May we will look at 4 parables in Matthew. Please read along with us and pray that the words are planted in the hearts of each of our Rinos.

The Rich Man & the Kingdom of God 

Matthew 19: 16-30


The Workers in there Vineyard 

Matthew 20: 1-16


Parable of the Tenants

Matthew 21:33-46


Bags of Gold

Matthew 25: 14-30