All of the Rhinos attend class daily, and much complete their homework before they can train. Our missionaries  provide tutoring, teach the Bible, help with homework and studying for exams, and much more.

The education center is used for tutoring and helping students with their school work. We emphasize very strongly the importance of education, and believe an environment of quiet study time and guidance is a tremendous benefit to the boys.


When the kids do not have homework, the boys work through a curriculum that we have to read and study all the the main stories of the Bible by the end of the year. Our hope is to use the Bible as a way of helping the boys with reading and writing as well as building skills of reading and understanding the Word of God. 


We know that most of the boys are living in tough places and environments to go home to, and it is certain that time devoted to studying – with assistance and encouragement – is something that many of them have never received before.

Currently, the boys are reading through the book of Genesis and learning the stories of Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.